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r o k e t t o

roketto @ livejournal

8 May
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Hi, and thanks for checking out muh LJ! Feel free to add me as a friend :) Just comment when you add me, so I know who you are xD and I can add you back! <3
My name is Larien and I'm 23 from NE Ohio. I love anime, Japanese music, martial arts, photography, Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and the Joker from Batman xD. Animals are my passion - I have over 20 pets of all kinds, and my dream is to one day own my very own wildlife rescue.

I own four horses, and I competitively barrel race on my horse Rocket. Roketto is named for him, it means "rocket" in Japanese.

I am a rabid Republican and am not afraid to express my opinions on politics - however, I do not begrudge other beliefs and I am friends with people from all ends of the political spectrum. But if strong political commentary you disagree with bothers you, best not read my political posts.

Resources & Credits

Roketto.net - My Domain
Roketto Designs - Handmade Jewelry for People & Dolls
Roketto Designs @ Etsy
Roketto Blog
My dA Site - Wildlife & Misc. Photography
Ascent, my Fansite to Dio Eraclea from the anime series "Last Exile."

Please be advised that I am no longer making new graphics. However, all icons will still be available for use, and the same rules still apply.

Icons are also available by series, please see the tags.


1) You can use my icons wherever you want but you MUST credit roketto in your userpic keywords, or your signatures, profiles, etc. for forums or other journal sites.
2) Comment if ya snag anything. It's just nice and I like to see who has them.
3) Please don't steal my icons and claim that you made them. I WILL find out if you do this.
4) Also, don't post my icons on your site without my permission.
5) Don't alter/edit my icons in ANY way - textless icons are NOT bases!
6) NO HOTLINKING!!! If you don't know what that means, ask me. Please don't do it. It's bandwidth theft.

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